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Dr. Monique Mazza is a natural health expert trained in the practice of Naturopathic medicine. Her practice philosophy investigates underlying nutritional, lifestyle, environmental and psychosocial factors that might alter ones health and seeks the cause behind the expression of illness. Like the internet, health is based on a network of connections and the naturopathic approach treats the web of inter-life connections while providing personalized medicine.

Naturopathic Doctors are the first doctors you may see when you need a check-up, have an illness, or a question about your health. As with all primary care doctors, a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) can provide physical exams, order tests, prescribe certain medications and refer you to other physicians when necessary. ND’s are trained to assess the function of physiological processes, discover the root cause of imbalances and restore the communication between all systems. This may require focus on cellular processes or organ function at sites that seem far removed from the patients area of discomfort and at levels that may be unusual from a conventional point of view.

Dr. Mazza serves as an addition to your team of healthcare providers, offering expertise in the areas of human biochemistry and physiology and the effects of natural substances on these. Other areas of expertise consist of the environmental impact on health and nutrigenomics – the use of individualized nutritional therapy to compliment and enhance ones unique genetic profile. Health and longevity are only 20% based on hardwired genetics and 80% based on the environment you bathe your genes in! Because one size does not fit all, Dr. Mazza offers genomic and physiologic function testing to choose the right therapy for the right person.

A visit with Dr. Mazza will be comprehensive and require a longer than customary appointment time. A longer appointment assures you feel heard, respected and understood. It also ensures time to educate you about your condition and empower you to take part in directing your healing process. You deserve and can expect her full attention. There are no canned protocols that are taken off a shelf just because a person has a presumed diagnosis. Treatment protocols are different for each person assuring your unique characteristics are considered.

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